Triaxial Weaving

My version is woven like a basket, in three directions, from dye painted strips of fabric. The finished piece is three layers thick, and the layer you see keeps changing from the front face to the back face and in between. I do site-specific commissioned pieces, I teach the technique at conferences. I work with narrow silk ribbons, and wide dye painted strips. There's been some noise about me writing a book. Don't hold your breath, but who knows... In the meantime, see if you can find a copy of my article in Shuttle, Spindle, and Dyepot Spring, 1991.

"Fecundity"; actual size about 28" square. Dye painted, triaxially woven wool. ©Mary T. Klotz

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triaxial images in peyote beadwork: see Diane Fitzgerald's book
Contemporary Beadwork 1: Counted and Charted Patterns for Flat Peyote Stitch
(born during a visit to Forestheart Studio)

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